Effect of Particle Size of NaX Zeolite on Adsorption of CO2/CH4


1 Research Laboratory of Nanoporous Materials, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 , Semnan University, Semnan, I.R. Iran

3 Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Eng., Semnan University


In the present work, the nano-NaX zeolite and micro-NaX zeolite were synthesized via hydrothermal method. Then, the adsorption capacities and isotherms of pure gases CO2 and CH4 on the synthesized zeolite nanoparticles were determined at three temperatures of 288, 298 and 308 K and various pressures from 1 up to 20 bar. Adsorption capacities of CO2 on the nano-sized zeolites NaX were showed to be higher than CH4. The selectivity of CO2/CH4 of the nano-sized zeolites NaX was 5.47 at 288 K and pressure about 20 bar. The results of the experimental data follows the Langmuir-Frendlich adsorption isotherm. Reduction of the particle size from micrometer to nanometer results in increasing the adsorption capacity for carbon dioxide on the X zeolite nanoparticles about 28% (from 5.067 to 6.536 mmol/g) at 288 K and 20 bar.