Singular Value Decomposition based Steganography Technique for JPEG2000 Compressed Images


1 School of Mathematics, Thapar University

2 Electronic and Communication Engineering, Thapar University

3 Computer Science and Engineering Department, Thapar University, Patiala


In this paper, a steganography technique for JPEG2000 compressed images using singular value decomposition in wavelet transform domain is proposed. In this technique, DWT is applied on the cover image to get wavelet coefficients and SVD is applied on these wavelet coefficients to get the singular values. Then secret data is embedded into these singular values using scaling factor. Different compression rates are considered for JPEG2000 images after embedding the secret images. GA is used to optimize the value of SF. Maximum capacity of the proposed technique is 25% of cover image size and maximum PSNR values between cover and its stego image is more than the PSNR of existing techniques. Embedding capacity of proposed technique is also higher than the embedding capacity of existing techniques. Also, PSNR between secret image and extracted image is high and hence the visual quality of the extracted secret image is good enough to the human visual system. Steganalysis tests are performed on the stego images to show imperceptibility of proposed technique.