Hydrodynamic Studies of Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactors to Produce Carbon Nano Tubes via Catalytic Decomposition over Co/Pd MgO


1 chemical engineering , western michigan University

2 CHEMICAL Engineering, UKM

3 Chemical engineering , UKM


The hydrodynamic studies of fluidized bed reactor has been reported in terms of pressure drop, minimum fluidization velocity and bed volume expansion to contribute to the optimization of the CNTs production parameters in fluidized bed reactors. Minimum fluidization velocity and pressure drop, as the most important parameters, were taken into account for the investigation of the hydrodynamic behavior of the material inside the fluidized bed. The volume bed expansion of carbon nanotubes has been also investigated and the effect of the N2:CH4 flow rate ratio to obtain the highest bed volume expansion for maximum carbon nanotubes accumulation has been reported