Liquid Sloshing Effect Analysis on Lateral Dynamics of an Articulated Vehicle Carrying Liquid for Various Filled Volumes


1 mechanical engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology

2 Mechanics, Khaje nasir university of technology


In this paper, the consequences of filled volume on the transient lateral dynamic and stabilities boundaries displacement of an articulated vehicle carrying liquid is investigated. First, a sixteen-degrees-of-freedom nonlinear dynamic model of an articulated vehicle is developed. Then, the model is validated by using TruckSim software. Next, the dynamic interaction of the fluid cargo with the vehicle, by integrating a quasi-dynamic slosh model with a tractor semitrailer model is investigated. In this study, the most important dynamic reposes are considered which include yaw rate, roll angle and lateral acceleration for both the tractor and semitrailer as well as liquid center of mass lateral movement. Also, to investigate the rollover stability of the vehicle, lateral load transfer ratio is considered as an important factor. The dynamic system performance for three different filled volumes is exhibited in j-turn and lane change standard maneuvers. The simulation results revealed that by increasing the liquid volume the rollover probability rises due to the increase in roll angle and lateral load transfer, especially in lane change maneuver.