An Improved N-dimensional NURBs-based Metamodel


1 College of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Guilin University of Technology

2 Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology


Non Uniform Rational B-splines (NURBs) are proved to be very promising for metamodeling in engineering problems, because they have unique properties such as local modification scheme, strong convex hull property, and infinitely differentiability, etc. Since NURBs are defined by control points, knot vector, and weights associated with control points, the precision of NURBs is influenced by all of the parameters. In order to improve the precision and calculating efficiency, an enhanced method of building NURBs metamodel is presented. Some improvements are made in many aspects, such as: improving the date parameterization method and the calculating method of weight coefficient. Compared with the existing methods, this method can calculation the weight coefficient of each control point more quickly, because it avoids the inverse operation of correlation matrix, which may cause singular. Several classic numerical examples show that the presented method is effective for building approximate model with higher accuracy than existing NURBs metamodel.