Enhancement of L-asparaginase Production by Candida utilis in a 13L Fermenter and its Purification


chemical engineering, sharif


L- asparaginase enzyme is a renown enzyme due to its chemotherapeutic properties. This enzyme could also be employed in food processing technology. The present study aimed, optimizing the agitation and aeration rate in L-asparaginase production, using Candida utilis, ATCC 9950 in batch fermentation system. Beet molasses used as the carbohydrate source for enzyme production. A maximum asparaginase activity of 245.6 U/ml obtained after 20h of fermentation under optimal condition of 1.25 vvm aeration rate and 300 rpm agitation speed. Purification of the enzyme was also done by Acetone Precipitation and column chromatograph. Purified L-asparaginase revealed molecular weight 75 kDa and 82.7 % yield with 10.02 fold increase in specific activity.