Experimental Investigation on Hydrous Methanol Fueled HCCI Engine Using Spark Assisted Method


1 Mechanical Engineering, Regional Centre, Anna University, Tirunelveli

2 Mechanical Engineering, Shri Andal Alagar College of Engineering

3 Mechanical Engineering, University V.O.C College of Engineering Thoothukud

4 , University College of Engineering Nagercoil

5 Mechanical Engineering, University College of Engineering Ariyalur


The present work investigates the performance and emission characteristics of hydrous methanol fuelled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine. In the present work a regular diesel engine has been modified to work as HCCI engine. Hydrous methanol is used with 15% water content in this HCCI engine and its performance and emission behavior is documented. A spark plug is used for assisting auto-ignition. The spark timings are changed in steps of 3 degrees and the suitable timing that offers better phasing is called optimum Spark timing. From the investigation it is found that the hydrous methanol suits perfectly with HCCI engine and the water content present in the hydrous methanol helps to phase the combustion perfectly and to change the rate of combustion. The investigation also proves that the hydrous methanol operation reduces NO and smoke extremely low which is not possible by the direct injection CI engine. The water content present in the hydrous methanol helped to control the timing of auto ignition and helped to run HCCI engine smoothly. Therefore, it is beneficial to use hydrous methanol in internal combustion engines.