Cutting Force Prediction in End Milling Process of AISI 304 Steel Using Solid Carbide Tools


1 Mechanical Engineering, Dr.Navalar Nedunchezhiyan college of Engineering

2 Mechanical Engineering, Dr.N.G.P.Institute of Technology


 In the present study, an attempt has been made to experimentally investigate the effects of cutting parameters on cutting force in end milling of AISI 304 steel with solid carbide tools. Experiments were conducted based on four factors and five level central composite rotatable design. Mathematical model has been developed to predict the cutting forces in terms of cutting parameters such as helix angle of cutting tool, spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut. Response surface methodology was employed to create a mathematical model and the adequacy of the model was verified using analysis of variance. The direct and interaction effect of the process parameters with cross feed forces were analysed, which helped to select cutting parameters in order to keep cutting forces minimum, which ensures the stability of end milling process.