A Novel Protection Guaranteed, Quality of Transmission Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment Algorithm for All-optical Networks


Switching, BSNL


Transparent All Optical Networks carry huge traffic and any link failure can cause the loss of gigabits of data; hence protection and its guarantee becomes necessary at the time of failure. Many protection schemes were presented in the literature, but none of them speaks about protection guarantee. Also, in all optical networks, due to absence of  regeneration capabilities, the physical layer impairments(PLI) accumulates along the lightpaths (LP) which causes sharp degradation of  the Quality of Transmission (QoT), as measured by signal bit error rates (BER). The problem of protection with QoT issues was rarely studied in the literature. In this work, a novel protection backup path ensured, QoT aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA)  algorithm called “Virtual Lit –Exhaustive Highest Q factor” (V-Lit EHQ) is presented which exhibits desirable qualities for reliable network operation. The results of the proposed work are compared with the standard QoT aware versions of the Shortest Path-First Fit schemes for both lit and dark protection. The blocking probability (BP) and BER are taken as the performance matrices and the proposed algorithm found to be outperforming as shown through simulations.