Attitude Estimation of Nano-satellite according to Navigation Sensors using of Combination Method (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Department of New Technologies Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University


The purpose of this paper is to attitude estimation of Nano-satellite which requires navigation sensors data to less cost function and effection movement of Nano-satellite focus of the research is to using data of navigation sensors and methods to achieve the requirement of the attitude estimation. in this paper the following attitude estimation of the according to direction of sun of the Nano-satellite, the navigation attitude sensors is built with gyroscope, magnetometer and sun sensor. Furthermore, the extended Kalman filter is used to combination of measurement data from gyroscope, magnetometer and sun sensor. This paper presents the methods and accuracy for estimation attitude of Nano-satellite missions according of developed extended quaternion estimation and nonlinear then combination by extended Kalman filter. This paper presents of the application of Nano-satellite to navigation sensors, which require accuracy are the methods to achieve the high accurate attitude estimation and fast starting of estimation. A part of methods was simulated by Matlab then investigated of result together.