Microwave Pretreatment of Fresh Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) in Batch Anaerobic Digestion Tank (RESEARCH NOTE)


Chemical Engineering, University of Diponegoro


The purpose of the research was to study the effect of microwave power inpretreatment of fresh waterhyacinth on biogas production. The variations of microwave power levels are 240; 400; 560 and 800 W. The variations of microwave heating time are 5; 7 and 9 min. The unpretreated fresh water hyacinth are used as control. The result of research showed that the microwave pretreatment of fresh water hyacinth improved biogas production. Microwave pretreatment had a positive impact on anaerobic biodegradability of fresh waterhyacinth.Almost all pretreatedfresh water hyacinthproduced biogas were higher compare tounpretreated fresh water hyacinth.The maximum of biogas production from freshwater hyacinth was obtained at 560 W for 7 of microwave pretreatment. In this condition, pretreated fresh water hyacinthresulted biogas production of 75,125 mL/g TS.The unpretreated fresh water hyacinth produced biogas of 37,5625 mL/g TS. The highest value of kinetic constants of biogas yield potential (A), the maximum biogas production rate (U) and the duration of lag phase were78.2300 mL/g TS; 2.2653 mL/(g TS.day); 4.6031 day, recpectively.