Dynamic Response Analysis of the Planar and Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to the Inlet Air Mass Flow Rate Variation


Mechanical Engineering, University of Isfahan


The purpose of present study is to investigate the dynamic response of two conventional types of solid oxide fuel cells to the inlet air mass flow rate variation. A dynamic compartmental model based on CFD principles is developed for two typical planar and tubular SOFC designs. The model accounts for transport processes (heat and mass transfer), diffusion processes, electrochemical processes, anode and cathode activation and ohmic polarizations, among others. Using developed model the dynamic response of the cell to the step change of the air feed stream conditions is investigated. The results show an almost slow electrical response of the cell to the air mass flow rate step variation that is estimated to be about one hour. Moreover, it can be concluded that the effect of the inlet air flow conditions on a tubular solid oxide fuel cell performance is more noticeable than its effects on a planar SOFC. However, the electrical response time of the tubular type SOFC is calculated about ten times more than the planar type.