Effect of Deflected Membrane Electrode Assembly on Species Distribution in PEMFC


1 mechanical engineering, urmia university

2 Mechanic, Tabriz

3 mechanic, university


This article presents the results of a numerical study, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to investigate the species distribution of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) with deflected membrane electrode assembly (MEA). These new geometry were examined while employing three-dimensional, single phase, non-isothermal and parallel flow for model of a PEM fuel cell. This numerical research has concentrated on the effect of new kind of deflected MEA while maintaining the same inlet and boundary condition. Initially the CFD result of polarization curve has been validated with the available experimental data and shown good concord then studied deflected and flatted MEA at cathode and anode side. Investigation showed better results for the PEMFC with having both flatted and deflected MEA at cathode side than base model because of having more reacting area, uniform distribution of reactants, better oxygen transportation to the GDL at shoulder region and having  less Cathode Overpotential (COP) which is the main causes of losses.