A Numerical Analysis for the Effect of Slip Velocity and Stenosis Shape on Non-Newtonian Flow of Blood (TECHNICAL NOTE)



2 Department of Mathematics, Agra College Agra

3 Department of Applied Sciences (Mathematics), Faculty of Engg and Tech, Agra College Agra


The aim of this paper is to study the effect of slip velocity and shape of stenosis on non-Newtonian flow of blood through a stenosed arterial segment. Blood is modeled as Bingham-Plastic fluid in a uniform circular tube with a radially non-symmetric stenosis. The problem is investigated by a joint effort of analytical and numerical techniques. The influence of stenosis shape parameter, slip velocity, stenosis height and yield stress on blood flow through a stenosed artery has been examined. The variations of wall shear stress, resistance to flow, volumetric flow rate and axial velocity with stenosis shape parameter, yield stress and slip velocity have been shown graphically. It is noticed that axial velocity and volumetric flow rate increase with slip but decrease with yield stress. This information of blood could be useful in the development of new diagnosis tools for many diseases.