Active Suspension System Control Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy (ANFIS) Controller


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz-IRAN


The purpose of designing the active suspension systems is providing comfort riding and good handling in different road disturbances. In this paper a novel control method based on adaptive neuro fuzzy system in active suspension system is proposed. Choosing the proper data base to train the ANFIS has an important role in increasing the suspension system’s performance. The data base which is used to train the proposed ANFIS system is extracted from the outputs of fuzzy, LQR and sliding mode controllers. A quarter-car model is considered to study the performance of the proposed controller. Performance of this controller is compared with the passive system, and active suspension systems with fuzzy and LQR controllers. The results demonstrate that proposed ANFIS controller is better than passive suspension system and active fuzzy and LQR based suspension systems in suspension deflection, body acceleration, settling time and also control force.