Assessment of Improvement of Preventive Maintenance Systems Related to the Civil Projects Using Concepts of Value Engineering (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Industrial Engineering, Kharazmi University

2 Industral Engineering, Kharazmi University

3 Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kharazmi University


The purpose of this paper is using the concepts of value engineering (VE) in evaluating the improvement caused by preventive maintenance (PM) systems in construction project. A real case is used to show how we can implement the proposed method. VE is the systematic application of recognized techniques by multi-disciplined teams that identifies the function of a product or service, establishes a worth for that function, generates alternatives through the use of creative thinking, and provides the needed functions and reliably at the lowest overall cost. In evaluation phase of PM system, system's expenses and satisfaction rate of submitted service quality by PM system of workshop (by questioners) has been investigated. Then, in identification and survey phase principle of operation in PM system were identified. (by fast charts) consequently, ideas and suggestion for improvement was submitted by attending the VE workshops and brain storming meeting. Accepted suggestions were implemented by priority. After implementation of VE phase, the system again were evaluated in regard of expenses deduction and keeping or increasing the quality of services’ giving in. Performing value engineering caused saving in incurred cost and development the quality of PM system related to the civil projects.