Physical Model Test and Numerical Simulation Study of Deformation Mechanism of Wall Rock on Open Pit to Underground Mining (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 School of civil Engineering, Hubei Polytechnic University

2 School of Civil Engineering, Hubei Polytechnic University


This paper is based on the open pit to underground mining practice of Daye Iron Mine. The influence mechanism between high-steep slope and non-pillar sublevel caving method is studied by using physical model test. Firstly, engineering geological properties of the choosing typical research section is analysed and generalized. Secondly, the system of open pit to underground mining is developing according to the characteristics of model test. In the end, the open pit to underground mining model test is studied. The results of model test show that the total displacements and stresses of the model are increasing with the mining depth increasing, the wall rock stresses undergoes a process from dramatic change to slow change and finally show a tendency toward stabilization because of the disturbance of underground mining, the final failure of slopes and wall rock are limited in a small area nearing the ore body after underground mining.