Physical Modeling of a Hybrid Wind Turbine-solar Panel System Using Simscape Language (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 mechanical enginering, national school of applied sciences

2 Mechnical Engineering, faculty of sciences and technologie of Fez


Being sustainable and producing little waste products, the renewable energy knows a rapid deployment. Unfortunately, the intermittent characteristic of these energies makes them difficult to control. The influence of this aleatory character can be reduced with the coupling of two or more sources of renewable energy and secondly with a sound management of storage systems. This new configuration of production and energy management is the target of our research. The objective of this paper is to construct a model of a multi-sources system feeding a domestic house with the multi-physics approach which enables us to model, simulate and control all components and subsystems in our system consisting of wind turbine, solar panel and storage system with battery. This system feeds a domestic house. To achieve this objective, firstly, a system description is presented. Secondly, a SIMSCAPE model for the multisource system is developed in the MATLAB/SIMSCAPE software. Finally, results are derived from simulations.