Designing a Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Based on a Simple Seeking Logic


1 Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran

2 Industrial Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology


Nowadays, in majority of academic contexts, it has been tried to consider the highest possible level of similarities to the real world. Hence, most of the problems have complicated structures. Traditional methods for solving almost all of the mathematical and optimization problems are inefficient. As a result, meta-heuristic algorithms have been employed increasingly during recent years. In this study, a new algorithm will be introduced for solving continuous mathematical problems. The basis of this algorithm is based on the group seeking logic. In this logic, the seeking region and the seekers located inside are divided into several sections and they will seek in that special area. In order to assess the performance of this algorithm, from the available samples in articles, the most visited algorithms have been employed. The gained results show the advantage of SEA in comparison to these algorithms. In the end, a mathematical problem has been designed, which is unlike the structure of meta-heuristic algorithms. All the prominent algorithms have been applied to solve this problem, and none of them was able to solve.