Magnetic Saturation Impacts on Fault Analysis of Squirrel-cage Six Phases Induction Motors using Winding Function Approach


1 Elect. Eng., Zanjan University

2 electrical engineering, zanjan university


Multiple coupled circuit modeling (MCCM) of squirrel-cage induction motors (SCIMs), or winding function approach is the most detailed and complete analytical model used to analyze the performance of faulty SCIMs. Already, in variate papers this approach was used to 3phases SCIMs, but this paper extends the above-mentioned model to 6phases SCIMs. Various simulations of variative faults are carried out on faulty 6phases SCIMs, and then, results obtained the simulation were presented. The innovation in this paper is the first time simulation of broken bars and stator winding faults on 6phases SCIMs using winding function approach with considering magnetic saturation effect that the precise results as well as were presented.