Improving Bandwidth-power Efficiency of Homogeneous Wireless Networks Using On-meet Threshold Strategy (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Department of Electronics Engineering, Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology

2 School of Computing, SASTRA University


Over two decades, a problem of location dependent has been focused for improving the communication Bandwidth-Power Efficiency of homogeneous networks. The efficiencies of communication links are weakened by the Hidden Terminal Problem.  Thus we propose a Fine – Tune Strategy for analyzing the On-Off communication region. We were observed that the proposed technique had been able to track and monitor the off-region nodes for improving the fidelity of the link. Testing of TCP Variants was done to cross validate the Value of On-demand Bandwidth-Power Transmission Parameters. The proposed technique of On – Meet Threshold (O-MT) has been deployed in the Network Simulator Tool of NS2 (v2.34) and while probing, The parameters of Packet Reception Rate, Packet Dropping Rate and Throughput Rate were analyzed and found as best for TCP-EPRT (Enhanced Packet Reception Time) compared of TCP-Newreno.