Effect of Abrasion Process on Reflectance Factor and Color Change of Chenille Woven Fabrics


Astronomy, Uttara- Scientia Divina


This paper focuses on effect of abrasion process on color and reflectance factor changes of dyed woven fabrics containing 100% acrylic chenille yarns in weft and cotton warp yarns. Three fabrics having 12, 14 and 16 weft per centimeter were dyed with three basic dyes in different hues. Four different abrasion levels, i.e. 50,200,400 and 650 were selected to abrade samples. The obtained results show that abrasion of samples leads to decrease of reflectance factor and increase of color change up to specific levels of abrasion, although this change was not the same for different hues and weft densities. It was found that reflectance factor and color differences of fabrics that have higher weft density were more affected by abrasion at all abrasion levels.