Exergy and Energy Analysis of Diesel Engine using Karanja Methyl Ester under Varying Compression Ratio


1 Mechanical Engineering, Centurion University of Technology & Management

2 mehanical engg, ITER,Bhubaneswar


The necessity for decrease in consumption of conventional fuel, related energy and to promote the use of renewable sources such as biofuels, demands for the effective evaluation of the performance of engines based on laws of thermodynamics. Energy, exergy, entropy generation, mean gas temperature and exhaust gas temperature analysis of CI engine using diesel and karanja methyl ester blends at different compression ratios under full load and for different engine loads at compression ratio 18:1 are done in this paper using experimental data. Exergy efficiency, mean gas temperature, brake thermal efficiency increases with increase in compression ratio as well as load. Exhaust gas temperature, destruction of exergy and entropy generation decreases with increase in compression ratio and increases with increase in load for all blends of fuel.