Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Methods for Determining the Bearing Capacity of the Driven Pipe Piles (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 civil engineering, babol university of technology

2 Civil, Babol University of Technology

3 civil engineering, Mazandaran institute of technology


Determination of the pile capacity is always a major concern for the safe geotechnical engineering design. Different direct and indirect methods have been proposed for determining pile bearing capacity such as static and dynamic approaches. Each method depends on the condition of the soil and type of pile as well as accessibility to necessary information. In this study bearing capacity of driven pipe piles in cohesion soil in project are evaluated. For this purpose the information of 208 driven piles in four sites in total areas of 1500 m2 were obtained. Using this information, dynamic relations of pile bearing capacity in fine grained soil was computed and compared with result of static relations. The results have shown that ENR dynamic relations, modified ENR and new modified ENR have good correlation with static methods.