A New Intelligent Controller for Parallel DC/DC Converters


1 Electerical & Computer Engineeing, Shahid Beheshti University G.C.

2 Electerical Engineering, Imam Khomeni International University

3 Technical and Engineering Faculty, Imam Khomeini International University


In this paper, the immune controller, is used to control the paralleled DC-DC converters. A PID controller is first applied and its coefficient is optimized using an intelligent (PSO) algorithm. Immune controller is then added to PID controller and an immune PID controller is formed. Two methods have been suggested to determine non-linear behavior of immune controller. In the first method, an exponential function is suggested and its unknown coefficient is optimized using PSO algorithm. In the second method, fuzzy logic has been used. Performance of the proposed control methods in the presence of various disturbances is investigated over a sample paralleled DC-DC converter and the effectiveness of the applied immune controller is verified with the comparison of simulation results. The results show the improvement of system performance with Immune PID controller by the two suppression function in comparison with the PID controller.