Document Image Retrieval Based on Keyword Spotting Using Relevance Feedback


1 , Islamic Azad University, Chalous,Iran

2 computer Engineering, AL-zhra university , tehran, iran


Keyword Spotting is a well-known method in document image retrieval. In this method, Search in document images is based on query word image. In this Paper, an approach for document image retrieval based on keyword spotting has been proposed. In proposed method, a framework using relevance feedback is presented. Relevance feedback, an interactive and efficient method is used in this paper to improve performance of document image retrieval System (DIRS). In the proposed method we compare several strategies of positive and negative feedback which include “Only Positive Feedback”, “Only Negative Feedback” and “Positive and Negative Feedback”. Experiments show that using relevance Feedback in DIR achieves better performance than common DIR.