The Comparison of Imperialist Competitive Algorithm Applied and Genetic Algorithm for Machining Allocation of Clutch Assembly (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Arvandan nonprofit higher education

2 , Arvand Tarash Abadan Co

3 School of Computing and Engineering, niversity of Huddersfield, UK


The allocation of design tolerances between the components of a mechanical assembly and manufacturing tolerances can significantly affect the functionality of products and related production costs. This paper introduces Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) approach to solve the machining tolerance allocation of an overrunning clutch assembly.  The objective is to obtain optimum tolerances of the individual components for the minimum cost of manufacturing. The results of ICA were finally compared with the Genetic Algorithm (GA). Based on the results, ICA has demonstrated excellent capabilities such as accuracy, faster convergence and better global optimum achievement.