Effect of the Height Increasing on Steel Buildings Retrofitted by Buckling Restrained Bracing Systems and TTD Damper


Civil Engineering, University of Kazeroon


The Behavior of conventional braced frames, are not the same in tension and compression. This problem can be improved by prevention of buckling under compressive loads, which is called buckling restrained brace(BRB). In this field TTD metal damper also have much attention due to simplicity in construction and execution. This damper is recommended because of accessing to better performance than BRB brace and also having easier construction technology and consequently cheaper until possibility of making it is feasible in countries without complex technologies. In this research, three steel structures with three, five and eight stories that require to retrofitting, are retrofitted using buckling restrained brace and TTD metal damper separately, and  are compared before and after the retrofitting using nonlinear dynamic analysis in Perform 3d software. Finally, the effects of this systems in reduction of structure displacement, reduction of energy dissipation due to nonlinear behavior in main members of structure, and increasing of performance level is inspected. The observation of both of systems results also imply that with increasing of the number of building stories, expressed positive effect, is reduced. Which that, indicates more effect of this energy dissapation systems in short-order structures.