Stability and Numerical Analysis of Malaria- mTB- HIV/AIDS Co-infection (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Mathematics, I.B.S, AGRA


3 Mathematics, Agra College, Agra, India-282002


In this paper, we develop a mathematical model to examine the transmission dynamics of curable malaria, curable mTB and non-curable HIV/AIDS and their co-infection. The size of population has been taken as varying due to the emigration of susceptible population. The total population is divided into five subclasses as susceptible, malaria infected, mTB infected, HIV infection and AIDS by assuming co-infection among them. The model has two basic parts, qualitative and numerical. In qualitative part, we analyze the transmission dynamics of this co-infection by using equilibrium and stability analysis. In numerical part, the computational simulation is used to transmission flow of disease among various classes. The sensitive analysis is also performed.