Simulation and Genetic Algorithms for Optimizing Comminution Circuit at Gol-e-Gohar Iron Plant (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 golegohar, sirjan

2 School of Mining Engineering, University of Tehran, College of Engineering

3 mining, imam khomeni international university

4 Mining & Metallurgical Eng., qazvin international university


simulation optimization is a scientific tool that is widely used to design and optimize comminution circuits in mineral processing plants. In this research, first of all, in order to  determine the suitable d80 for cicuit hydrocyclone underflow, the requiremed parameters of simulator (residence time distribution, breakage function, selection function and Plitt’s model calibration) were determined. Then simulation of comminution circuit  by presentation of BMCS software under MATLAB environment was performed. In the end, the GA toolbox of MATLAB software  was used for optimization of the comminution circuit, by determining the simulator as fitness function. The results from this research showed that, by determining the optimum value of input parameters (solid perecent, fresh feed and water rate to the input streams), the genetic algorithm is able to achieve a suitable d80 for circuit cuf (cyclon underflow).