On Symmetric and Asymmetric Buckling Modes of Functionally Graded Annular Plates under Mechanical and Thermal Loads


1 Mechainical Engineering, Graduate University of Advanced Technology

2 Mechainical Engineering, Shahid Bahounar university of Kerman

3 Mechainical Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology


In the present article, buckling analysis of functionally graded annular thin and moderately thick plates under mechanical and thermal loads is investigated. The equilibrium and stability equations of the plate are obtained based on both classical and first order shear deformation plate theories. By using an analytical method, the coupled stability equations are converted to independent equations which can be solved analytically. Solving the decoupled equations and satisfying the boundary conditions yield an eigenvalue problem to find the critical buckling load and/or temperature. Both symmetric and asymmetric modes of buckling and thermal buckling of functionally graded annular plates are investigated. The results show that the buckling mode number may vary with the variation of power law index, annularity and radius-thickness ratio. Finally, the effects of annularity, plate thickness and power law index on buckling load/temperature of functionally graded annular plates are investigated and the buckling mode shapes are plottedN