Influence of Sudden Column Loss on Dynamic Response of Steel Moment Frames under Blast Loading


Structural Engineering, Urmia University


Modeling buildings response to blast and subsequent progressive collapse interested more and more researchers during the past two decades. Due to the threat from extreme loading, efforts have been made to develop methods of structural analysis and design. In this paper, progressive collapse capacity of steel moment frames was first investigated using alternate load path method, then a nonlinear dynamic analysis was carried out to examine dynamic response of the steel frames in blast and sudden column loss scenario. The structural response of the building under sudden loss of column for different scenarios of column removal, with or without external blast loading was assessed in detail. According to results progressive collapse potential are strongly dependent on location of column loss. Loss of column can affect overall response of structure under external blast loading. The obtained results provide better insight into the influence of sudden column loss on dynamic response of steel moment frames under blast loading.