Large Deflection Analysis of Compliant Beams of Variable Thickness and Non-Homogenous Material under Combined Load and Multiple Boundary Conditions


1 , Babol Noshirvani university of technology

2 Solid Mechanics, Babol Univ. of Thecnology

3 Mechanial Eng, Babol University of Technology

4 Department of solid Mechanics, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology


This paper studies a new approach to analyze the large deflection behavior of prismatic and non-prismatic beams of non-homogenous material under combined load and multiple boundary conditions. The mathematical formulation has been derived which led to a set of six first-order ordinary differential equations. The geometric nonlinearity was solved numerically using the multiple shooting method combined with a quadratic programming technique. This solution technique was also performed to compare the result with existing solutions of less complex cases in the literature. The method may be applied to the design of compliant mechanisms, nonlinear springs or any related subject