Three Dimensional Modeling of Combustion Process and Emissions Formationin Pre and Main Chambers of an Idirect Injection Diesel Enginge


Mechanical Engineering, Urmia University


The combustion processes and emission formation in pre and main chambers of a Lister 8.1 IDI diesel are simulated with the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code. The model includes spray atomization, mixture formation and distribution and subsequently the combustion processes and emissions formation modeling are carried out with considering of flow configurations in two chambers. A part load (50% load) and a full load simulation of engine are carried out. Also, the amount of mass burning rate of fuel, temperature, heat losses and emissions formation in pre and main chamber are presented with more details. The simulation results, such as the mean in-cylinder pressure and exhaust emissions are compared with the measured values and show good agreement .This work demonstrates that multidimensional modeling can be used at complex chamber geometry to gain more insight into the flow field, combustion process and emissions formation. The simulation results show that the CFD combustion simulation tool works quite correctly for the predicting combustion process and emission formation in Lister 8.1 IDI diesel engine.