Space Vector Control Scheme of Three Level ZSI Applied to Wind Energy Systems


1 , Jeppiaar Engineering College



In this paper the Space Vector Control Scheme is implemented for a Wind Energy System using Three Level Impedance Source Inverter (ZSI). The wind energy system uses a Self Excited Induction generator (SEIG) which is the most emerging application in the field of Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS). The proposed system is modelled with a generator-side Diode Bridge Rectifier and a Stand-Alone side ZSI. This employs as a bridge between the generator and the stand-alone application. The model has been simulated through MATLAB/SIMULINK using the components for Diode Bridge, Impedance Network and Induction Motor Load and the SEIG is modelled analytically. The control strategy for the proposed topology is developed from Space Vector Modulation (SVM) and Z-source Network operation principles. The maximum power from the wind turbine generator and the power is transferred to the stand alone system is achieved by adjusting the shoot-through duty cycles of the Z-source network. The performances of the SEIG based WECS has been analysed and the results are tested.