Comparison of MRAS Based Rotor Resistance Estimator Using Reactive Power and Flux Based Techniques for Space Vector PWM Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drives


Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SASTRA University


The performance of Vector Controlled Induction Motor drive depends on the accuracy of rotor resistance which will vary with temperature and frequency. The MRAS approach using reactive power and flux as a state variable for rotor resistance estimation makes MRAS computationally simpler and easy to design. In this paper, Rotor Flux based MRAS (RF-MRAS) and Reactive Power based MRAS (RP-MRAS) for rotor resistance estimation is designed and validated through MATLAB simulation. The performance of these two methods are analyzed extensively and compared in terms of accuracy and settling time. The suitable method for rotor resistance estimation for Space Vector PWM Inverter fed induction motor drive is identified. The promising obtained results are presented.