Modified Bi-directional AC/DC Power Converter with Power Factor Correction


1 PRINCIPAL, Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology

2 , Jeppiaar Engineering College


Most existing power  converters and industrial motor drive systems draw non-sinusoidal currents from the supply. Non-sinusoidal currents contained harm harmonics disturb the power supply which it causes serious concern for reliability. Other equipments that use the same power supply are adversely affected. This paper suggests the operation and performance of a new modified AC/DC converter that allows bi-directional power flow. It also provides improved power factor and reduces harmonic magnitude and disturbance to the supply by system. The bi-directional feature allows recovery of regenerative energy of loads, back to the power supply and the converters. The proposed converter has high potential for industrial applications, such as electronically controlled traction system, lifts and generally industrial motor drive systems which can increase overall efficiency and reliability.