Design of a New Instrument for Measuring Frictional Properties of Woven Fabrics


1 Advanced Studies, Azad University of Yazd

2 Textile Engineering, Azad University of Yazd


Friction measurement is one of important and interesting problems in the study of handle properties of fabrics. Different methods have been developed for measuring friction, such as sliding, KES and cyclic testing method. In this research, considering the possibilities of varying conditions in measuring friction, a new instrument by which the bottom surface of fabric can be moved and the top slider is kept fixed in order to prevent slider vibrations is used. In this method, the force inserted by an inextensible yarn connected to the trolley standing on four frictionless bearings was measured. The result of experiments confirmed 7.6% increase in correlation coefficient in the dynamic friction region for nine different test samples and about 4.6% reduction in coefficient of variation compared to the sliding type.