Pareto Optimization of a Two-degree of Freedom Passive Linear Suspension Using a New Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Mech Eng, Azad University-Takestan Branch

2 Mechanical Engineering, University of Guilan

3 Mechanical Engineering, Sirjan University of Technology

4 Industrial Engineering, Khatam university


The primary function of a suspension system of a vehicle is to isolate the road excitations experienced by the tires from being transmitted to the passengers. In this paper, we formulate an optimal vehicle suspension design problem with the quarter-car vehicle dynamic model. A new multi-objective genetic algorithm is used for Pareto optimization of a two-degree of freedom vehicle vibration model considering the two conflicting functions simultaneously. The important conflicting objective functions that have been considered in this work are, namely, sprung mass acceleration and relative displacement between sprung mass and tire. The comparison of the obtained results with those in the literature demonstrates the superiority of the results of this work. It is shown that the results of 2-objective optimization provide more non-dominated choices for designers to select appropriate choices regarding the condition and purpose of using a vehicle in order to optimal design of a product.