Nonlinear sensitivity Analysis of RCMRF Considering Both Axial and Flexure Effects (RESEARCH NOTE)


Civil Engineering, University of Kurdistan


        Sensitivity analysis of structures considering their nonlinear behavior has recently been an important process in optimal design of them based on new design concepts such as Performance-Based Design (PBD). The main objective of this research is to develop an efficient and applicable method for nonlinear sensitivity analysis of Reinforcement Concrete Moment Resisting Frames (RCMRF) accounting for both axial and flexure effects under seismic loading. For this purpose, sensitivity equations are firstly derived based on pushover method, which is a powerful tool for nonlinear analysis of structures in the PBD context, and then a procedure for nonlinear sensitivity analysis is proposed. The results of the method are compared with nonlinear sensitivity results considering only flexural effect and those of Finite Difference Method (FDM). It is shown that existence of axial forces can affect sensitivity coefficients with respect to some design variables.