Dynamic Analysis of A Three-Rotor Flexible Coupling with Angular Misalignment


Mechanical Engineering, Sirjan University of Technology


In this paper, the dynamic response of a three-rotor flexible coupling to the angularmisalignment has been studied. The coupling is a power transmission agent between the motor andgearbox, in the power transmission system of SAG Mill (semi autogenously mill) in the Gol-e-Gohariron ore complex in Sirjan, Iran. Degrees of freedom of the system are the model's lateral deflectionsand the rigid-body linear motions. The equations of motion are obtained by using the Lagrangeequations through successive partial differentiation of the kinetic and potential energies. In thedynamic model, the middle rotor is considered as an eccentric flexible Jeffcott rotor. The gearboxinput shaft is considered to be angularly misaligned with respect to the motor shaft. Diagrams of theamplitudes versus the frequency ratio reveal the system dynamic response to the angularmisalignment.