Comparison Nanostructure Behaviour of Copper Species on the Silicamatrix Xerogels


Material, Material Research School, Nuclear Science and Tech


The incorporation of copper species is synthesized  in a silica matrix by the sol-gel method. We have doped copper ions and copper particles using two different copper sources: Cu(NO3)2.3H2O and copper particles chemically synthesized. We can prepare the particles of copper metallic, cuprous and cupric oxide and  compare the synthesis and characterization copper species on the silica matrix.  On this way, their structures  are analyzed by FT IR spectroscopy and XRD diffraction at  200,400 and 600°C temperatures. we have recognized three main region contain Rocking (R), Bending (B )and Stretching  (S)  on their structure using FT IR spectrum. Also, the SEM micrographs and chemical analysis are compared by EDX of Cu and CuO/SiO2 together. Average size of  particles was determinated about 150-200 nm  for copper particles and about 50 nm for copper ions by TEM micrograph.