Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopic Studies on Epilepsy, Migraine and Paralysis


In the present paper, we have studied immunglobulin (IgG) of epileptic children, migraineous and paralytic patients.  We have compared our results with normal healthy controls. We found that the bands ranges from 1151.94 to 1168.28 cm-1 due to phospholipids (P-O-C ) group appear in some of the migraineous and paralytic patients only. These bands are absent in normal and epileptic patients. The vibrational energy of these phospholipid bands is almost constant and is approximately equal to 13.87kJ mole-1. The force constant is found in the range of 455.04 to 468.04 cm-1. Amide A band is intact and found in all the normal and diseased samples. Hydrocarbon, carbide and peroxide were also present in all the diseased and healthy controls. The absence of few bands in these disorders is the distinct features of these samples. Amide IV band is also found in paraplegic patient at 767.76 and 771.97 cm-1. The vibrational energy is found 9.18 kJ mole-1 and 9.23 kJ mole-1 and force constant is found 32.30 Nm-1 and 32.65 Nm-1.