Studying the Effect of Productive Factors on Synthesis of Anostructure Tial (Γ) Alloy By Mechanical Alloying


1 , Sahand Univ. of Technology

2 Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department, Sahand Univ. of Technology

3 Materials Eng., Sahand University of Technology


In this research, the Planetary mill was used for mechanical alloying (MA) of Ti and Alpowder mixture with equal at% (Ti50Al50). The effect of various factors, such as process control agent(PCA), speed of rotation of vial and ball-to-powder weight ratio, on process were studied and the bestcondition to synthesis the alloy was determined. Study on X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns showedthat at primary hours of milling, the powder mixture transmitted to metastable solid solution phaseand with increasing the alloying time, that phase transformed to an amorphous, ultra fine grain andhomogenous phase. Changes in grain size, lattice strain and impurity content during alloying andvarious condition were studied and at last with annealing of the product, the TiAl (γ) phase with highpurity and nanostructered form was produced.