Tuning of Excitation and TCSC -Based Stabilizers for Multimachine Power System


1 Electrical Engg, Marine Engineering and Research Institute, India

2 Electrical Engineering, IIT, Kharagpur


In this paper, tuning of power system stabilizer (PSS) and thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) is studied. The analysis of mode controllability is used to select the effective location for TCSC. The performances of TCSC equipped with a proportional-integral-derivative controller (P-I-D controller) and proportional-integral-derivative power system stabilizer (P-I-D PSS) are investigated. The dynamic responses considering TCSC equipped with a P-I-D controller and P-I-D PSS are compared with considering TCSC equipped with a phase lead-lag controller and conventional power system stabilizer (CPSS). The controllers design problem is formulated as an optimization problem. The genetic algorithm (GA) is used to search for optimal settings of controller parameters. Analysis reveals that the TCSC equipped with P-I-D controller and P-I-D PSS give better dynamic performances.