A Fuzzy Multi Objective Programming Model for Power Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning Problem


1 Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran

2 School of Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran


The increasing consumption of electricity over time forces different countries to establishnew power plants and transmission lines. There are various crisp single-objective mathematicalmodels in the literature for the long-term power generation and transmission expansion planning tohelp the decision makers to make more reasonable decisions. But, in practice, most of the parametersassociated with the input data, such as forecasted demands for electricity consumption, economic andtechnical characteristics of new evolving generating and transmission technologies are imprecise(fuzzy) in nature. Moreover, making such strategic decisions require considering several objectivessimultaneously and applying appropriate multi-objective programming approach to yield severalcompromise solutions. In this paper, we take into account these main characteristics of the problem inour proposed model. Also, the maintenance cost of generation units is modeled in such a way thathandles its increasing nature over operating periods. Consequently, we propose a new fuzzy multiobjective mixed integer linear programming model (FMOMILP) for integrated power generation andtransmission expansion planning problem. After applying the effective strategies to convert theoriginal FMOMILP into an equivalent single objective crisp one, through an illustrative example weshow that the results obtained by proposed fuzzy model is more reliable than the crisp one. Finally,some concluding remarks are also provided.