Acousto-Refrigerator with an Adjustable Mechanical Resonator (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Physics, Tarbiat Modarres University

2 Physics, Sharif University of Technology


Thermoacoustics describes energy conversion processes, activated by interaction temperature oscillation, accompanying the pressure oscillation in a sound wave, with solid boundaries. In ordinary experience this interaction of sound and heat cannot be observed, because of the very low temperature differences, but under suitable conditions, it can be emphasized and amplified to create remarkable thermodynamic effects such as, steep thermal gradients, powerful convective heat fluxes, and strong sound fields. We designed and constructed a simple thermoacoustic refrigerator with an adjustable mechanical resonator, coupled with the acoustic resonator. Our experimental data showed about % 10 increase in the efficiency of the refrigeration in comparison with a simple thermoacoustic refrigerator with no mechanical resonator.