Pool Boiling Heat Transfer in Water/Amines Solutions


1 Petroleum Engineering, University of Petroleum Industry

2 Chemical & Physic Emgineering, Sharif University of Technology

3 Mahshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University


In this investigation, nucleate boiling heat transfer coefficients were experimentally measured during pool boiling of mixtures, consisting of water/monoethanolamine and water/diethanolamine on a horizontal heating rod, under atmospheric pressure. The experiment was carried out below 205 kW.m-2 heat flux, over a wide range of concentrations. These experiments include, measurement of pool boiling heat transfer coefficient and also visual information. Applicability of the existing main correlations is briefly discussed, with the present experimental data. The major predictions(over and/or under) were observed in some parameter range by the existing correlations. In this investigation the correlations of Fujita et al and Inoue et al, which are structurally the same but have different tuning parameters were modified for this system and the average error has been significantly reduced.