An Improved Modular Modeling for Analysis of Closed-Cycle Absorption Cooling Systems


1 Materials Engineering, Merc

2 Solar Energy Research Group, Department of Energy, Merc


A detailed modular modeling of an absorbent cooling system is presented in this paper. The model including the key components is described in terms of design parameters, inputs, control variables, and outputs. The model is used to simulate the operating conditions for estimating the behavior of individual components and system performance, and to conduct a sensitivity analysis based on the given control variables. The proposed model has been validated by means of comparing the predicted results with the experimental data in a full-scale absorbent cooling system installed at MERC. Careful attention was given to estimate the behavior of the system at transient mode. Based on operating conditions, a range of time-constant start-up time had been estimated for generator and evaporator. The results indicated that the model predictions were in good agreement with experimental data. Sensitivity analysis also showed that the performance characteristics of the system could be approximated by generalized polynomial functions of order 2 in terms of control variables. Finally typical performance results are discussed.