Effects of Pozzolanic Admixture (Waste Bricks) on Mechanical Response of Mortar


1 Civil Engineering, M’sila University

2 Civil Engineering, M'sila University


This work presents an experimental study realized at the materials laboratory of the University of M’sila. It consists to vary the percentage of the pozzolanic admixture (waste bricks) in cement by the substitution method (partial replacement of the clinker by the calcined clay). The characteristics of cement at anhydrous state and the hydrated state (chemical composition, specific weight and fineness, consistency of the cement paste, setting times and shrinkage) were studied thus that the mechanical behavior (flexural and compressive strengths) for the mortar was determined. According to the experimental results obtained, it comes that the quantity of pozzolanic admixture (calcined clay) and the chemical composition of cement manufactured are the principal parameters that influence on the variation of the mechanical strengths (flexural and compressive) of the mortars tested.